Brazilian Blow Dry

What is a Brazilian Blow dry ? What are the effects of a Brazilian Blow dry ? Learn about the newest Brazilian hair straightening techniques here.

What is a Brazilian Blow dry?

The Brazilian Blow dry is a hair Keratin hair smoothening system, that has been very popular in recent years, as women with frizzy hair have been flocking to a treatment, that has finanally proved to be effective. The Brazilian Blow dry most often refers to the traditional Keratin hair treatments, as opposed to the newer Brazilian Blowout treatment, though in common speak the lines often gets blurred. In general, you distinguish the 2 by the fact that the Brazilian blowout, the amino acids are absorbed immediately and the hair can be washed and managed as normal the very next day.  Whereas with the original Brazilian blow dry, the keratin takes 3 to 4 days to be absorbed into the hair cuticles, which means a long period where you cannot wash your hair.

The Brazilian Blowout is also a Trademark brand name, but similar products are available that can do basically the same thing.

A Brazilian blow dry, however, is putting straightening serums and special shampoos out of business, because after just one session your hair is left smooth and soft and  giving you a blow dry finish for up to four months.It works by injecting pure keratin (the substance that exists naturally in nails, skin and hair) into your strands, so the process is nourishing to your hair and not damaging.

Before and after photos of Brazilian Keratin Hair treatments:


Brazilian Blow Dry before and after pictures.

Brazilian Blow Dry and Blowout before and after pictures.


Brazilian Blow-dry vs the IHR / Yuko Japanese Straightening Systems.

What is the difference between  the new Brazilian Keratin hair straightening systems and the oft used ‘Japanese’ hair straightening techniques?

Brazilian Blow-dry is kinder on your hair – improving the condition by adding Keratin the natural protein of hair.

A Brazilian Blow-dry can be applied over other previous straightening systems. This treatment also restores hair resiliency: humidity, rain or sweat will no longer affect the hairstyle.

Brazilian Blow-dry is cheaper than a full Permanent Hair Straightening System – prices start at just 200$.

Brazilian Blow-dry can be use on all hair, including chemically treated hair (coloured, permed, relaxed, highlighted and bleached! The more damaged the better. Which means all hair types can benefit, no matter how damaged the hair locks are. The Brazilian system will improve your hair’s condition and strength.

Brazilian Blow-dry is a much quicker process to apply 1.5 – 3 hours depending on the length of hair and the thickness.

It can also be done on hair which is too short for a japanese permanent straightening.

Brazilian Blow-dry does not guarantee a straight result – and tt is not a permanent solution: The result of the hair smoothing will fade with every wash. With other permanent systems the previously straightened hair does not need to be treated again for a long time, but with this system the whole head has to be treated again, usually after 3 months. It has to be done more frequently than an IHR Straightening to maintain the effects (The Ihr have to be done again after 8-12 months).

The Brazilian Blow Dry application process takes anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the length and thickness of the hair.  Results are visible immediately after treatment is completed, and if it your first time, you might be amazed with the results!

- If you have any reviews or experiences with the Brazilian blow dry (or indeed other Keratin hair straightening systems) or if you have a question, then please leave a comment below. For mor, see the Brazilian Blowout.


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